Electric meters usually come with a key and gas meters with a card – you’ll need to locate these. The previous tenants should have left the top-up key or card for the meter in the property (or in the meter) so you are able to top up straight away.

If there are no keys or cards left in the property, then we will need to organise replacements. To do this, you can either pop to a PayPoint location where you may be able to obtain a replacement. Alternatively, give us a call on 0330 053 9350 and we can order a replacement for you.

If the key or card has been left in the property you can take them anywhere that displays the ‘PayPoint’ sign, to purchase credit, these are normally local convenience stores or post offices.

Once you have obtained a top-up for your key or card you need to register this to your meter. You do this by inserting the key or card into the meter and leaving it in place until the display on the meter changes. You will see the amount you are crediting to the meter and then the total balance.