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How long does it take to set up?


If you're in a Virgin Media Fibre area, installations are usually completed within 3-10 working days of your requested install date.

If your broadband is supplied by Plusnet, this will be installed by BT Openreach engineers. Every residential Broadband company, including TalkTalk, BT, Orange, O2, and Sky, use BT Openreach lines and work to the same schedule. Because of this, it can take 2-6 weeks to complete your install, depending on whether your broadband can be activated remotely or not.


Once you’ve signed up, we do everything we can to get your Gas and Electricity transferred over to your new supplier as quickly as possible. If you sign-up more than 6 weeks before your requested start date, we'll aim to transfer your Gas and Electricity by your start date. However, the energy industry isn’t the fastest moving in the world and it can take 2 to 4 weeks for Electric and 4 to 6 weeks for Gas to successfully switch your supply. These are national industry timescales which apply to all energy companies. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do to speed up the process.


As with all of your services, Water is set up in bulk with the right supplier from your account start date. When you move into your property, your water will always be available, regardless of whether you have a Split The Bills account or not. If your tenancy start date and Split account start date are different, you'll receive a bill directly from your supplier to cover the billing period in between these dates, which will be your responsibility to pay. 

TV Licence

We'll request a TV licence for your property from your account start date and onwards. 

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