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Why is my first payment more than my quoted monthly amount?

There's a few reasons your first bill might be more expected.

1. You've been billed for more than one month
This usually happens with your first payment plan if your account started after the 1st of the month (as you'll have missed the payment plan run for that month). This means you'll be charged for the remainder of your first month, plus the full second month in your first payment plan.

Check the billing period dates for each of your services on the payment plan breakdown, as these should be longer than one month. Your payment amount should reduce on your second payment plan.

2. Weekly Quote vs. Monthly Payment
One common misconception is that your monthly payment is your weekly quote amount multiplied by 4 (weeks). This isn't the case. Your monthly payment is actually calculated by multiplying your weekly quote by 52 (weeks) and then divided by 12 (months), giving a fair, calendar month amount.

3. Your first payment plan includes your £14.99 set up fee
This is usually included in your first payment plan and is a one-off fee charged to all housemates, individually. This covers the cost of setting up your Split The Bills account and utilities.

4. A Plusnet Activation Fee has been included
If Plusnet is your broadband supplier, you'll be charged a £39.99 broadband activation fee. This is split equally between all housemates and is usually added to your payment plan the month after your broadband is installed.

For more help with your payments, try our troubleshooting guide:


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