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What are our management fees?

At Split The Bills, we pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency, meaning we’re upfront about what you pay to use our service.

The price of using Split The Bills is £1.50 a week, per person. For this price, we’ll set up your services, check your bills are correct, pay them, split them between you and your housemates and communicate with all of your providers, handling all the stressful parts of bill management, so you don’t have to.

Not only that, you'll get access to hundreds of discounts, deals and offers, with Split Perks. Meaning you can easily make back that £1.50 in savings.

£1.50. That’s half the price of a meal deal.

Your first bill will also include a £14.99 setup charge, per person. This is used to cover any preliminary work that needs to be carried out. 

These are the only fees taken by Split The Bills to use our service, everything else goes towards paying your service providers for your bills.

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