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How do I raise a complaint?

Feeling frustrated?

That just won't do. We want to put things right.

It’s important to us that our service is exceptional for our customers. If you're feeling frustrated and are unhappy with our service, please let us know as soon as you can so we can put things right.

How to let us know where we’ve gone wrong.

Tell us what’s wrong and why you believe it’s our fault. You can contact us by calling 0330 053 9350, by emailing hello@splitthebills.co.uk or by chatting to us online. Let our Split Care Team know what’s bothering you and we’ll get to work putting things right. Just to let you know, we’ll record your call to help us improve our service in the future.

If you've already given the team a call and you’re still feeling frustrated, you can raise a formal complaint. We’ll do everything possible to make sure it doesn’t get to this stage, but if it has, we have a simple three-step process for you to follow.

Step 1
If you’d like to raise a formal complaint, please tell us in writing why you’re unhappy. You can either send an email to nothappy@splitthebills.co.uk or send a letter to the following address...

The Complaints Team
Split The Bills
Crucible Works
Darnall Road
S9 5AB

This’ll be passed onto our complaints team who will help to answer any questions you have. They will aim to come to a resolution within 10 working days. If the query is complicated and suppliers are involved, we'll let you know and make sure you get regular updates from our team, as this can take quite a while longer.

Step 2
We hope you’re satisfied with our response. However, if you’re still unhappy at this stage, please let us know and we’ll escalate your complaint to senior management, who will work with you to resolve your issue. This may take a further 7 working days.

Step 3
In the unlikely event of a deadlock (where we’ve been unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction), the next steps would be to seek independent advice.

As we’re not a direct supplier, we are not regulated by bodies such as OFGEM, OFCOM or OFWAT.

Therefore, the best thing to do is speak with Citizens Advice by calling 03454 040506 or consult your own legal representation. If you wish for someone else to speak on your behalf at this stage, you’ll need to provide us with your authorisation and their details before we can speak to them.

Feeling a bit stuck?

Whatever stage you’re at in our complaints process, you can get clear, free and impartial advice on your energy account from Citizens Advice by calling 03454 040506 (03454 040505 Cymraeg). If you’d like a bit more info, visit citizensadvice.org.uk/energy. You can also fill out the Citizens Advice Consumer Service Web Form.

Can't find the answer you're looking for?

Simply hop on our live chat below to chat to us right away. Alternatively, call 0330 053 9350 or email hello@splitthebills.co.uk.

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