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Why do I pay Split The Bills and another energy supplier at the start?

We'll do our best to get all your services up and running as close to your start date as possible, but as each service is set up in a different way, one may become active before another.

If you selected Gas and Electric, we'll request for our energy supplier to transfer these services from your current supplier and the whole process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks but could take longer if any hiccups crop up along the way. 

Until the switchover completes, you'll be responsible to settle any bills your current energy supplier pops through your letterbox.

So why are you having to pay us during this time too?

When we calculate your overall quoted monthly price, we estimate how much we think the utilities for a shared house the size of yours will cost over one year. This is then divided up into twelve monthly payments, and then split equally between each housemate. Your transfer period has already been deducted from the yearly costs – which means that your monthly price has been discounted to reflect the transfer period too.

Once the Gas and Electric go live, we'll already have some funds to start paying your bills. And that's all because you've been contributing towards these services before they became active, which is handy as some of your suppliers bill us in advance, and others in arrears. 

Not only does this make life easier for you, but it does for us too. You won't see a sudden increase in your bills as soon as the weather gets colder, meaning you'll know exactly how much to spend on your Christmas goodies this year. And we can then do our thing, knowing there's enough in your pot to set up your services.

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