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Why is my monthly payment the same in summer and winter?

From Day 1, you'll contribute the same amount each month, all year round. However, you'll no doubt use less energy in the summer and more in the winter. To balance this out and help you to budget, we split your allocated yearly cost evenly over each month.

The payments you make in the summer will help to build a lovely sum of credit on your account, which will help to cover the cost of high energy usage in the winter.

As an example...

Bob pays £100 a month from July onwards. It's roasting hot in Bob's crib, so he only uses £50 throughout the summer months, giving him £50 credit on his account each month. However, when winter comes round, Bob's crib is super chilly and he loves to feel snug and warm. So he pops the heating on every day. He's still paying a steady amount of £100 a month, but he's actually using £150 a month. Bob doesn't have to worry about any surprise bills though, as the credit he built up in the summer will help to even out his higher usage. 

As always, you'll only pay for what you use! So if you end up using less than what you've paid for, we'll refund any credit back to you at the end of your time with us. 

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