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What happens with my final bills?

Let's break it down...

Step 1: At least 30 days before your tenancy ends, update us with your tenancy end date. You can do this over live chat, by calling us on 0330 053 9350 or email hello@splitthebills.co.uk.

Step 2: We give your suppliers the nod to close down your services for this date. So if anyone in your house is staying passed this date, let us know.

Step 3: You submit some final meter readings on your tenancy end date (or within 5 days before or after this date). These help to speed up the closure your account. Better still, they help to make sure you only pay for what you've used.

Without these precious final meter readings, your account will be closed on estimated readings, which could result in you paying for energy you haven't used. For more info on submitting meter readings, click here.

Step 4: We pass your final reads onto our suppliers and eagerly wait for the final bills for all your services to be sent to us. This can take up to 16 weeks from receiving your final meter readings. It may take a little longer if there are any billing or supplier disputes along the way. 

Step 5: We get all your final bills in then compare everything you've contributed towards your bills against what you've actually used to work out your final balance.

Step 6: We email you to let you know your final bill is available on the online portal.

If your account is in credit: This will be split fairly between you and your housemates. Your share will be refunded into the bank account you've used throughout the year. If you didn't pay us by direct debit, you'll need to provide your bank details.  

If your account is in credit but one or more housemates have fallen behind with their share: Any refunds will be made once any outstanding balances have been paid. 

If the final balance is negative: A new payment plan will be put in place to help you pay this off. We'll take each individuals payments into consideration to help split this fairly. 

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