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I've received a bill from another supplier. What do I do?

Is it a Gas and/or Electric bill?

If you've taken Gas and/ or Electric with us, you'll receive a final bill from your old supplier once your energy has transferred over to us. It's your responsibility to pay this bill, but before you do, there's a few things to check...
  • Billing dates - are you responsible within these dates? Make sure you're not paying for energy that was used before your tenancy started.
  • Meter readings - have you been billed on estimated readings? If you have, but you know the actual reads for that billing period, give your old supplier a ring to amend these and produce a more accurate bill. 
Please be aware, it can take up to 4-6 weeks for your energy to transfer over to our supplier. Until then, your energy will be supplied by another provider. 

Is it a Water bill?

If you've taken Water with us and you've received a bill within the first month of your tenancy, don't panic. It can take a little while to activate your water account, however this will be backdated to your account start date, so you'll always be covered. 

If your tenancy start date and Split account start date are different, you'll receive a bill directly from your supplier to cover the billing period in between these dates, which will be your responsibility to pay. 

Is it a TV Licence letter?

Your TV licence will be activated around the week of your account start date. You might receive a reminder from TV Licensing up until this point, but don't worry about this. It was more than likely sent before your active licence came through to us. 

If you receive any letters from TV Licensing more than a month after your start date, please pop us an email to hello@splitthebills.co.uk or give us a bell on 0330 053 9350. 

Is it a Sky or Virgin Media bill?

Feel free to disregard any letters from Sky or Virgin Media. Although we pay them directly, their systems sometimes automatically generate bills to the properties they supply. But there's no need to worry about these. Unless, on the very rare occasion, you receive a letter mentioning your connection will be cut off, please get in touch with us right away. 

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