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Can I remove a service at any time?

You can remove services at any time, however it's a little complicated when it comes to costs. 

If you want to remove Broadband, you may be liable to pay cancellation fees to Plusnet or Virgin Media due to their contract lengths (Plusnet ADSL is 9 months, Plusnet Fibre is 12 and Virgin Media is 12 months). Plusnet broadband customers will also be liable to pay the remainder of the Plusnet contract, plus a £30 cease fee. These fees will be applied to your Split account and divided between each housemate. 

If you want to remove a TV Licence, we pay for this in full and are unable to refund any of the costs if you want to remove this before the 12 month period is up. However you can apply for a refund directly with TV Licensing. To find out more, email us at hello@splitthebills.co.uk. 

To request to cancel a service, please complete the following form to get the ball rolling:



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