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How does my payment plan work?

To help you understand what makes the cogs turn, here are the things we're most commonly asked about our monthly payment plans...

When do I get my monthly bill, and when is it due?

On the 1st of every month (or soon after), we'll email you a personal payment plan, which includes your share of the monthly contribution for all your services. The total amount shown in this email is debited on the 15th of that month. Your one-off £14.99 setup fee will be included in your first payment plan.

My bill more than four times the weekly quote - why is this?

One common misconception is that your monthly payment is your weekly quote amount multiplied by 4 (weeks). This isn't the case. Your monthly payment is actually calculated by multiplying your weekly quote by 52 (weeks) and then divided by 12 (months), giving a fair, calendar month amount.

How do you work out the estimated quote?

We combine statistics from previous customer accounts with factors such as the size of the property and the area in which you live. Student houses tend to have different patterns of use for appliances compared to family homes, so we take this into account too.

All our prices are in line with Ofgem's guidelines on typical consumption statistics. They're the nation's government regulator for the energy industry, keeping all energy providers in line.

Will my monthly price be adjusted when I submit meter readings?

No. Meter reads still count, so keep sending them through. Your monthly price will stay where it's at to avoid a risk of your account falling into debt.

I've not used any energy this Summer. When will I be refunded?

If you pay more each month than your bills actually cost, you’ll be refunded every penny at the end of your plan. Remember to submit regular meter readings, as without them, we won't be able to refund you.

Why am I paying for services that haven't gone live yet?

To make your time with us easy, you contribute towards all your services from Day 1. We know services will have different go-live dates, but that’s for us to worry about (all part of the service). When the services kick in, we use the funds you've contributed to pay your bills. 

So when winter comes and your usage goes up from sticking the heating on, you've already contributed towards it. It makes it easier for you to budget and takes away any worries. 

We also take into consideration your energy can take up to 4-6 weeks to transfer over to us, but don’t worry, this has been deducted from your contribution. 

We’ll monitor your payments and if we spot something unexpected, we'll get in touch.

More payment-related questions? Try our payment plan troubleshooting guide.


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