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How is my payment plan calculated?

For stuff like Broadband, TV Licence and your Split Fee, these are usually the same each month.

For Gas, Electricity and Water, (if you’ve got a water meter that is), we estimate how much we think you’ll use based on historical and typical usage costs of a house of your size

During the summer, you're more likely to use less Gas and Electric than you would in the winter. The even contributions help you manage your money better. For more info about this, click hereIt's up to you send us regular meter readings. But just in case you forget, we'll email a reminder every few months.

We then bundle all these costs into a yearly amount and split this evenly over your time with us and between you and your housemates. 

As there’s more than 4 weeks in most months, we calculate your monthly payment by multiplying the weekly amount you were quoted by 52 (weeks) and dividing it by 12 (months).

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